I was the art director on the PS3 game Journey, formerly employed at ThatGameCompany.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Adventures of Ham, the Bad Little Scooter Kid

This is a further exploration of programming. This time, into the world of video games. In this game, you guide the bad little scooter kid known as Ham on his (not so interesting) adventure! In this early version, there is gravity, acceleration, and extremely basic collision detection. Be warned however, there is not much else!


The W,A,S, and D keys control Ham's movement.
Pressing J causes Ham to jump.
Holding G temporarily lowers gravity's effect.

(you might have to click on the game before it will register your keystrokes.)

Have fun!


  1. i love it. one of the best games ive played! great animation!

  2. I agree... awesome game! I remember trying to figure out collision detection years ago and giving up pretty soon after that:)

  3. Its really Cool man!! awesome

  4. Hammy!! Thrilling and fresh.

    Question: Is it possible for Ham to jump on top of that freaking cube?

  5. Yes, it is possible to get on top of the cube... try lowering gravity's effect by holding the G key...

    Glad you guys like it. hopefully a new iteration will come soon.

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