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Monday, September 10, 2012

I Think Photoshop Needs Better Pen Pressure Control

It would be great to be able to invert pressure input from wacom tablets for brush parameters in Photoshop. The most basic implementation would be an "invert" checkbox next to each parameter. A more powerful idea would be to have customizable pressure input curves for each parameter. This could be done with the "contour editor" used to control various layer style falloff options. 

In particular, I found that the pressure input for the Mixer brush's "mix" slider was the reverse of what I thought it should be, but the ability to customize the input curves for all parameters would create many new ways to use the brush tool. These curves could also be used to control exactly how much force on the pen is needed, allowing artists to work at a comfortable level of pressure and still enjoy the full range of input.

Take a look at this topic at Photoshop.com and help get this feature implemented!


  1. Damn Skippy. Get er done!
    I believe TVPaint has this feature.

    Know of any other programs that do?

  2. Just found Krita. It does this feature quite nicely. Might be something to try out while we wait for cs10 to finally implement the request.