I was the art director on the PS3 game Journey, formerly employed at ThatGameCompany.

Monday, August 27, 2012

THE ART OF JOURNEY Book is announced!

The book that I have been designing and writing over the past couple months, The Art of Journey, was announced today on the playstation blog! I'm super excited about this book because it is full of art that I made during the development of Journey that has never been seen. Its also has a great section of fan art, with some wonderful Journey - inspired work. The book is going to be printed at very high quality thanks to Blue Canvas, the studio that is publishing it. It's also got a really cool augmented-reality feature where you can point your smartphone or tablet at it and actually see animated 3D models that I made for the game. It will be available in September!

Here is a video about the book! Its includes interviews with me, Jenova Chen, and Austin Wintory. They made us sound smart! Cool! You can even see me wearing my favorite green "Journey shades" out in the Pismo dunes if you are paying attention...!

There's a brief article about it on Kotaku Australia in which they say this:

"[The book] allows readers to scan tablets or smartphones to unlock animated 3D augmented reality models straight from the game, which sounds sort of clever and awesome. Looks incredible.
...the book will most likely also be a must buy."

I can't wait till everyone can see the book for themselves. Its very exciting!!!


  1. Hi ! where can i buy this book? will it be available for order on Playstation.com or Blue Canvas?


    1. Hi Lenny, I believe it will be available on Blue Canvas's website as well as some other internet stores sometime in September. Thanks for the interest!

  2. beautiful work Matt!, thanks for sharing, I can't wait for my copy.