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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Journey Wins GameCity Award!

“Journey was a unanimous choice for the GameCity Prize 2012, many of the jurors were un-experienced in playing videogames and it confounded their expectations of what videogames were. Of all the shortlisted titles, Journey presents the player with an especially coherent vision, simultaneously fantastic and familiar.

“All of the Jury commented on the art direction in particular, the extraordinary sense of size and scale it portrayed. Whilst it was a short game, it was in no way small. It’s a focused, detailed piece of work – challenging you to measure it in terms other than just the length of gameplay. One of the jury commented that it was like a favourite place, a walk in the country, that she would love to go back and revisit. In particular, Journey was a videogame that had been created by artists immersed in a broad culture. Both obviously a game, but challenging of what a game could be – it displayed an extraordinary level of care and attention."

-Lord Puttnam, filmmaker and chair for the GameCity Prize 2012 panel

Whoa..... I'm honored...! Its quite incredible, considering the caliber of the other nominated games, all of which are extremely deserving of praise: Catherine, Fez, Johann Sebastian Joust, Mass Effect 3, Proteus and Super Mario 3D Land. Wow.

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